Important District Dates

Sunday, May 16, 2021 -- High School Graduation @ Broadlands @ 2:00 PM

Monday, May 17, 2021 -- 8th Grade Promotion @ Broadlands @ 6:30 PM

Tuesday, May 18, 2021 -- School Board Meeting @ Homer Band Room @ 7:00 PM

Saturday, May 22, 2021 -- JH/HS Band & Chorus Concert 5:00 PM @ Broadlands

Monday, May 24, 2021 -- Last Day of Student Attendance

Tuesday, May 25, 2021 -- Teacher Institute

 Heritage's May Events
Homer's May Lunch Menu
Broadland's May Lunch Menu

Elementary/Junior High

Upcoming Events

5/18 8th Grade Class Trip*

Monday Menu:

Chicken Nuggets Corn Peaches Milk

High School Upcoming Events

5/13 JV Baseball @ Centennial @ 4:30 PM

5/13 HS Softball @ Bismark-Henning @ 4:30 PM

5/14 HS Baseball against Bismark-Henning @ 4:30 PM

5/14 HS Softball @ Westville @ 4:30 PM

5/14 HS Track @ Tuscola @ 4:00 PM

Sunday, May 23rd Basketball Banquet @ 2:00 PM HS Multipurpose gym

Monday Menu:

Corn Dogs Tater Tots Bread Pudding Pineapple Mil

Elementary/Jr High Announcements:

  1. JH Awards will take place TODAY, May 14th. JH students only will be attending. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, no visitors will be permitted.
  2. The 2020-2021 Elementary/JH yearbook order forms have been sent home with students and extra forms are available for pick up as needed in the office. Please make checks payable to Heritage School or send $22.00 cash clearly marked with your child’s name on the order form. All orders are due by the end of the day TODAY, May 14, 2021.
  3. The last day to return Library books and to earn AR Points for this school year will be TODAY, May 14th.  Please make arrangements to have all Library books and AR points completed by the end of the school day.
  4. Each 8th grade student will be receiving 6 tickets TODAY, May 14th for attendance into the 8th Grade Promotion that will be held on Monday, May 17th at 6:30 PM at the High School in Broadlands.
  5. SPAMALOT tickets are now available! Go to heritage.ludus.com to purchase yours! DO IT NOW – because seating is VERY limited! The show is May 25-27 at Heritage HS and is a HILARIOUS show based on some of the best Monty Python sketches and songs! We hope to see you there!
  6. There is a sign-up sheet in the office for any 5th, 6th, or 7th graders interested in Cross Country this fall. There is also a new sign-up sheet for incoming Freshmen. Mr. Montgomery will contact you for your summer workouts
  7. * May 18th – 8th Grade Class Trip * students must be eligible to attend both activities as listed in handbook.


  • A reminder for all shuttle riders: The shuttle bus leaving from the HS does not leave until 7:45 AM each day. There is not anyone on duty to supervise until 7:30 AM. Students should not be arriving at the HS before 7:30 AM each day.
  • Students should be presenting a Self-Check sheet every morning that has been completed by a parent/guardian at home before they are allowed to enter our building. Please make sure to have these forms accessible to help speed up our morning entry. THANK YOU!
  • Please remind students that there is no eating or drinking on the bus. Breakfast/Lunches will be sent home with students, but should not be opened until they reach their destination.
  • Please remember to discuss with your student as to whether or not he/she will be eating breakfast/lunch that is offered at the school this year.  Menus are available, but all lunches will be sack lunches as students will be taking them with them as they leave the building.
  • Please check your child’s STI account to keep up with student progress as midterms/report cards will not be printed and sent home.  If you are unable to access your child’s account please contact the office for a paper copy.
  • NO vehicles are permitted in the circle drive where buses drop off in the morning or afternoon.
  • Please remember to be cautious and courteous when dropping off and picking up students in the front or back parking lots. DO NOT pass vehicles and make sure to pay close attention to students exiting vehicles and entering our building.
  • Parents please remember that our new front drop off/pick up lane needs to be kept free of parked vehicles. If your student is not standing out front waiting for you, please make sure to utilize a parking spot so that traffic may continually move forward. Likewise, students MUST be ready to exit the vehicle when dropping off.
  • Please remember that if you wish to speak with a teacher or staff member regarding your student’s classroom performance, you must schedule an appointment for a meeting.  Daily classroom activities are held to a tight schedule and unplanned interruptions may negatively affect academic success in the classroom.
  • Per Mrs. Sander’s request and as stated in the student handbook, K-5 students can no longer access cell phones at school during school hours.
  • If sending in snack or treats for a class, please remember no home-baked goods can be shared.  All items must be pre-packaged and in store box containers.
  • If your student will be gone for a doctor’s appointment, please have him/her bring a note from the doctor upon returning to school to show that they were there.  Otherwise the absence will be marked unexcused by the school.
  • Please remember that there is NO SMOKING on school grounds, and that seat belts should be fastened properly around children as they are being picked up or dropped off on school property.

High School Announcements:

  1. There will be a meeting on Tuesday, May 18 during HR in the gym for anyone interested in going out for volleyball next school year.
  2. SPAMALOT tickets are now available! Go to heritage.ludus.com to purchase yours! DO IT NOW because seating is VERY limited! The show is May 25-27 @ Heritage HS and is a HILARIOUS show based on some of the best Monty Python sketches and songs! We hope to see you there!
  3. Incoming freshman and current high school students who were not able to attend Wednesday's meeting and are interested in high school cross country please contact Charles Montgomery. Email him at heritagehawkshscrosscountry@gmail.com. Contact days start June 15th.
  4. Seniors going to Parkland please make sure you sign up for English and Math assessments whichever is needed. After assessment go to Parklands website and sign up for freshman orientation. Once all that is completed you can meet with a counselor for classes.
  5. Anyone interested in a part time lawncare job through the summer please see Mrs. Knott.
  6. Village of Homer is seeing applicants for two summer work positions including mowing and other village work around town. Heritage HS students are encouraged to apply. Contact Sharon Jeffers at the village office 217-896-2521 or email villageofhomer@gmail.com.
  7. There is a sign up sheet in the office for anyone who is interested in trying out for cheerleading. Please sign up TODAY,  May 14th. More information will follow once we have the sign up and see the numbers.


  • The shuttle bus leaving from the HS does not leave until 7:45 am each day. There is not anyone on duty to supervise until 7:30. Students should not be arriving at the HS before 7:30 each day.
  • Parents: Just a reminder we have several students coming in without the self-certification forms. Please be sure you are filling these out and signing them daily for your students. Thank you!