Monday April 12, 2021 

To the Parents, Guardians, Stakeholders of Heritage Schools:  

The Heritage District was informed by county public health that one or more students at Heritage Junior High & Elementary School in Homer and Heritage High School in Broadlands tested positive for COVID-19.  

Contact tracing is being completed by Champaign Urbana Public Health District personnel and Heritage district is assisting in the process along with any neighboring counties and public health districts where students reside in the Heritage District as necessary. 

Students in quarantine will learn remotely and the district will follow CUPHD guidelines for a return to in-person learning as detemined by CUPHD.  CUPHD and CDC guidelines and quarantine timelines are being followed with all individuals identified.     

Individuals determined to be a close contact are also being informed by Heritage Schools and will be given guidance and the prescribed timeline for safe return to school.        

We are informing our public through this letter posted on our school web site,, through our new phone app by Apptegy, and through our social media platforms Twitter and Facebook.  

Grades K-12 will continue in-person learning as scheduled.

The district was instructed not to breach the privacy any individuals and we will abide by the public health directive.   


Tom Davis, Heritage #8 Superintendent