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Heritage CUSD #8 has been offered FREE COVID-19 saliva testing for all K-12 Students, Teachers, and Staff through the University of Illinois SHIELD system. The district in total between both buildings would need 100 to sign-up for this simple process and everything would be handled at the schools by the visiting SHIELD team. The process is as easy as "spitting" in a test tube and placing in plastic bin, less than 30 seconds one morning a week.  Results would be available to district within 12-24 hours, and the process can significantly shorten quarantine timelines for exposures depending on vaccination status and any guidelines updated by IDPH/ISBE/CUPHD.  This is TOTALLY voluntary, and no information will be shared.  It could help everyone stay in school with less quarantine time if exposed, keep athletes on the field and court, and keep everyone safe using this test system developed in Champaign-Urbana at the U of I.   

Please fill out this quick survey (link above) as the timeline for notifying SHIELD is tight for start of school year planning.  If interest response is low, we will not pursue this testing program; if interest indicates at or near 100 students (through parent consent), teachers, and staff would participate, we will move to next step with the SHIELD administration.