Heritage Community Unit School District #8 in southeast Champaign County is seeking a District Treasurer.  The duties and job description are attached to this notice and the school board policy requirements are below. The treasurer will work with the district bookkeeper and must secure a surety bond, which the district covers along with an annual salary (minimum starting pay $1500 per year) and expenses as incurred and agreed upon board approval.  The district provides a laptop, peripherals, and software license for Microsoft Office and Excel (or other comparable financial or accounting software package).   

The Treasurer of the Board shall be either a member of the Board who serves a one-year term or a non-Board member who serves at the Board’s pleasure. A Treasurer who is a Board member may not be compensated. A Treasurer who is not a Board member may be compensated provided it is established before the appointment. The Treasurer must:

  1. Be at least 21 years old;
  2. Not be a member of the County Board of School Trustees; and
  3. Have a financial background or related experience, or 12 credit hours of college-level accounting.

The Treasurer shall:

  1. Furnish a bond, which shall be approved by a majority of the full Board;
  2. Maintain custody of school funds;
  3. Maintain records of school funds and balances;
  4. Prepare a monthly reconciliation report for the Superintendent and Board; and
  5. Receive, hold, and expend District funds only upon the order of the Board.

A vacancy in the Treasurer’s office is filled by Board appointment.

Heritage District Office
512 W. First Street
Homer, IL 61849
Send letter of interest and resume to Heritage Superintendent Tom Davis, 512 W. First Street, Homer, IL 61849.  Can also be by e-mail attachment to

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Heritage CUSD #8 is an Equal Opportunity Employer