Last week, the Federal Government and the new US Secretary of Education ordered US schools to give state assessments after the majority of states requested this to be postponed until '21-22 school year. Illinois had requested a waiver from testing for Spring 2021 since 50% or more of Illinois K-12 students remain in remote learning only.  That waiver request has been denied.

Heritage is prepared after hard work this week to begin testing as the test windows open as ordered by ISBE. Next week we will start with Junior High IAR testing, while HS ISA will begin the week after.  Elementary IAR will start after JH IAR is completed, along with Grades 5-8 ISA.

IAR testing is all electronic, so no materials are required from home.

HS PSAT/SAT will take place in April  on state assigned date.

DLM will also begin in the assigned window. 

Further updates to follow as testing begins as ISBE updates have been frequent.